A series of projects developed by Anastasija Pandilovska, Jakob Ehrlich and Eline Tsvetkova.

Conceptually we, over the course of months, have been digitally discussing and debating the notions of home and forms of identity, which rely on geographical coordinates. On the one hand we found that there always exists a longing for a stable identity and on the other hand, the paralysis and lack of the ability to inhale the notion of “fully belonging somewhere” is omnipresent as well. This dichotomy moved us further to questioning how the political and social overload misdirects our sense of belonging.
We are wondering if we can ground our wish to be part of some community and group ourselves to identical feelings, sentiments, geography and traditions merely. By placing ourselves in groups, does that finally satisfy one’s inner unrest? This investigation gave the working title for the series of work ‘A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas’.
The interest lies in deconstructing the methods/procedure of nationalism and to touch upon the effects of desire and nostalgia; their key points of longing for something but never being able to fully possess the aspirations.
The investigation will move on to the local ways of living and from that extract particular aspects that interest us on a personal level and dig out it’s origin of existence. In this sense each one of us will be placed in the position of a Marquis de Custine (La Russie en 1839) as a newcomer, an Elias Canetti who reminiscences about a place and time once experienced in his youth and possibly a Xavier de Maistre (Voyage Autour de ma Chambre) who embraces his rejoice of exploring a single space in solitude.

We intend to ask a number of colleagues from each city to contribute to the question what are the core desires of belonging that could be defined as ‘European’. We would like to challenge the notion of nostalgia and weigh out it’s endearing sides and patheticness. How much endearment lies in grandmother’s crocheted table-cloth placed on the HD plasma screen or a silver-baroque framed TV playing pop music in a restaurant?

After every phase a catalogue is produced with the documentation of interviews on the topic, exhibition of the art work and research.
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
A Decorated Room with Invaded Ideas